Ambassador Xing Haiming Meets with Minister of Natural Environment and Tourism of Mongolia

  On April 9, Ambassador Xing Haiming met with Minister of Natural Environment and Tourism of Mongolia Tserinbat.

  Tserinbat said that Mongolia and China are friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. The upcoming "One Belt And One Road" international cooperation summit will be held in Beijing in late April. This is a great event for the Chinese people and an important opportunity for the two countries to accelerate the docking of their development strategies.In recent years, bilateral cooperation in environmental protection and tourism has been developing steadily and achieved fruitful results. Mongolia is grateful for China's substantial support and assistance to Mongolia's environmental protection cause.

  Ambassador Xing said that “One Belt And One Road” international cooperation summit is the most important diplomatic event in China this year. We welcome Mongolian friends to take an active part in “One Belt And One Road” cooperation and make contributions to the alignment between the "One Belt And One Road" initiative and Mongolia's "Road of Development" strategy. China-Mongolia relations have entered a fast track in recent years, and cooperation in environmental protection and tourism, as part of bilateral relations, has made great progress. The Chinese embassy is ready to play an active role as a bridge to promote communication and exchanges between the two countries' environmental protection and tourism units.

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